The Ultimate Guide to Hair Removal: Which Method is Best for You?

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Table of Contents

Historically, forms of hair removal have been practised in almost all human cultures at least since the Neolithic era. These are done either using the depilation methods (removal of hair to the level of the skin) or epilation methods (removal of the entire hair from the root). 

Today, these methods can vary to a great extent – some more costly, some more complicated, some more painful, some longer-lasting than the next. Which hair removal method is best for you and your body really depends on where you choose to have your hair removed. 

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With Sylvia’s Secrets, it is difficult to go wrong, but then again, if waxing is not for you we have got you covered with the top 5 other hair removal methods in Singapore: 

Sugar Waxing


Sugar waxing, also known as sugaring, is a popular form of hair removal that works in the same way traditional waxing does. The main advantage of sugaring over traditional waxing is clean up. The “wax” is made with real sugar and other nourishing, natural ingredients, so it’s water-soluble. It’s easily cleaned up with warm water, whereas traditional wax tends to be a bit more stubborn. 


While sugaring is a gentler process, sometimes people need that extra power (especially those with thicker hair); if sugaring is unable to extract coarser hair cleanly from the root, it might actually lead to hair breakage and ingrowns, in addition to faster regrowth.

Where does it work best: Brows, toes, underarms, arms, legs, bikini line.



If you’re looking for something different, an epilator might be the hair removal method you’ve been searching for. This electrical device is designed to remove hair directly from the roots, so the long-term effects are worth the temporary bouts of ouch. Epilators can be used without anything on dry or wet skin. It’s a perfect method for those who want a fuss-free approach unlike sugar waxing or threading.  


Epilation comes with a bad rep for ranking high on the pain scale. And yes, some people experience a measure of discomfort with epilation, especially the first time. It’s not recommended that you use epilators on areas of your body that are sensitive, such as face, stomach, face, close to the ankle and bikini line. 

Where does it work best: Legs



This highly popular method of hair removal is generally fool-proof and is extremely good to use on particularly sensitive areas like the upper lip or eyebrow. The main advantage of threading is that no harmful chemicals or hot wax are involved during the hair removal process, thus it’s not very traumatic for the skin. In addition, threading can remove short rows of hair at once, making the process faster than tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time. 


Much like shaving, threading removes hair only from the surface which means it needs to be repeated regularly. Although there’s no risk of actual bloodshed, threading over the same area multiple times can cause some irritation and carry some health risks. This includes the potential spread of the herpes virus and staph infections through dirty threads and broken skin.  

Where does it work best: Eyebrows, upper lip.

Depilatory Cream


There are several benefits to using depilatory cream – including that it’s fast, easy, inexpensive, and painless. The main advantage of depilatories over at-home shaving is that depilatory creams are comparatively gentler and usually fade faster. Depilatories also leave fewer skin lesions or papules, as well as a slim chance to small nicks and cuts that you may get from a blade. The result is silky smooth skin in anything between 4 and 8 minutes.  


These products contain chemicals that work by breaking down the disulphide bonds in the keratin of the hair. Once those bonds are broken, hair is weak enough that you can literally wipe or rinse it off your skin. One downside to this method is that those necessary chemicals can have an unpleasant odour and the effects are not as long-lasting as other methods. 

Where does it work best: Legs, bikini line, upper lip and chin.

Laser Hair Removal


This high-tech method of hair removal targets hair follicles with heat from the laser, damaging them to prevent future hair growth. The main advantage of laser hair removal over other hair removal methods is that it’s less painful and probably also the most long-lasting. It’s often billed as permanent – to the point that you can stop shaving altogether. 


It takes patience – by this, we mean a lot of it! Laser hair elimination is a commitment, since it requires multiple treatments over the course of several months to see a dramatic reduction in hair growth. It is also the most expensive hair removal option among the multiple options available on the market. 

Where does it work best: Face, stomach and bikini line.

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