4 Ways Beer Can Positively Affect Your Health

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In this modern era, most of us are trying to find out about the good and bad of alcohol and how it is associated with our health.  The Internet has become a platform to discuss the health effects of alcohol, but more often than not it’s full of mixed and groundless messages. For this, we researched and found 4 science-backed reasons why cracking open a cold beer after a long day may be good for you.   

The first reason is pretty straightforward – a simple glass of beer is a good way to add years to your life, given that it positively impacts cholesterol levels, lowers your risk of diabetes and strengthens your heart. If you’ve ever sipped a pint of stout, you know exactly what they mean. Ethanol, the main psychoactive ingredient in alcoholic beverages (that makes you drunk) also makes you feel more relaxed and boosts your confidence. And by the time you realise this, you’re just joining over 560,000 Singaporeans who also enjoy a pint of that longevity!

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#1 – Beer may boost brain power

Most people associate beer with beaches, the sun, the sea, and the chilling time, making beer look recreational and tempting. But do you know that according to a study, people with slight beer buzz solve puzzles faster than their sober counterparts in games? And ordering a few pints may facilitate creative problem solving and make you 30 percent more likely to find the unexpected solution?

In addition, scientists have also proven that the silicon in beer helps to protect your brain from compounds thought to eventually cause cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Since beer is shown to raise good cholesterol which improves blood flow to the brain, you will probably want to keep a six-pack in the fridge and get more blood to the brain, plus some exceptional memory. 

#2 – Beer contributes to daily nutrient intake

A pint of beer a day may come with a host of health benefits – after all, many experts agree that beer is more like a food than liquid and contributes to daily nutrient intake. The barley and hops used in the production of beer contain flavonoids that are also found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. These molecules are thought to provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects. Additionally, beer also contains B vitamins, phosphorus, folate and niacin that the body needs. 

In fact, nowadays, people are calling beer “liquid bread” for a reason – because the protein and fiber found in bread can be found significantly in beer too! All these nutrients make toasting for health incredibly easy. But that does mean you need to be mindful of how many calories you are sipping in each glass. 

#3 – Beer cleans your teeth and builds stronger bones

Be warned – this next fact is going to be driving you to drink more beer, because it is related to better and stronger teeth and bones. Typically, when you drink beer, the extracts in the beer are known to block the activity of bacteria or the communication between bacteria, slowing their growth and preventing tooth decay and gum disease. This is good as one of your best defenses against tooth decay and gum diseases. 

But there is another reason to love beer – for one of its few dietary sources, silicon, which research shows can help prevent osteoporosis. Silicon is an essential mineral that helps with your bone formation and potentially a new bone-building beverage for people who enjoy having stronger bones. Plus, it improves bone matrix quality and facilitates bone mineralisation therefore making beer more enjoyable to drink. 

#4 – Beer reduces inflammation

Back in the days, people used anti-inflammatory topical creams or cut back on inflammatory foods to fight inflammation. Some people believe that eating a package or two of leafy greens can reduce inflammation overnight. But how about cracking open a beer or two? There are many ways to fight off inflammation and this is probably one of them, honestly. 

What you call beer in most parts of the world actually has the ability to reduce inflammation. This is because beer contains hops, and hops are cone-shaped flowers which generally contribute to the beer’s taste, bitterness, aroma, and also acts as a natural preservative. A research has further found that the consumption of hops in beer form efficiently blocks inflammation with fewer side effects. 

However, don’t use it as a license to binge drink this weekend because heavy alcohol use is a form of abuse and can cause harm. 

As a rule of thumb, drink responsibly or tell them you are fighting inflammation. 

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