Haircare in your 20s, 30s and 40s – Turn Heads With Your Crowning Glory

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Our hair is our crowning glory, not only because it is at the top of the head but because it makes a lot of difference to a person’s appearance and emotions. On top of that, if you’re a woman, your hair symbolises femininity and a crown you never take off, much like the skin. Thus, proper haircare is as important as caring for our skin as these lustrous locks can make a lot of difference to your appearance, which can then be associated with good health and personality. 

Preened, polished or voluminous hair is gorgeous at all times. But with harsh brushing, chemical treatments and excessive heat exposure via hair dryers, our hair starts to get damaged in all sorts of ways. This has sparked many women to browse through the various hair treatments available in the market to boost their confidence fast. Who would have thought that you can get your hair to look like Taylor Swift’s barnet in just a little over three hours? Or have your curls bouncing three times more than they originally were? 

Before you rush to book your salon appointment for your crowning glory, we look at the best hairstyles you can try out in your 20s, 30s and 40s. For a start, your first Oway full scalp treatment at HairLux worth S$120 will be given completely FREE (for Prestige members only) while Passion members get to enjoy S$288 BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion that includes a wide range of chemical treatments such as Volume Rebonding, Korean Perm, Tokio Inkarami Treatment, Keratin Treatment, Mucota Scena, Oway Full Scalp Treatment, Colour or Highlights. Tell the friendly staff there if you don’t already have somebody and still get a 30% discount on selected ala-carte chemical services. 

Haircare - Turn Heads With Your Crowning Glory

Haircare In Your 20s

Let’s be honest. There’s little women won’t do in the name of beauty at this stage. The gamine haircut? Bring it on! The platinum pompadour? No big deal! You absolutely love experiments and there is no better time to try out these cool hairstyles than in your twenties. And the good news is, you won’t look ridiculous and you certainly won’t be questioned by your old man.  

Hair should be casual and short at this stage. But beware the wrong short cut. What you don’t want to look like is a stock “mom” character. So work with your hairdresser and choose a short look that fits your age and works with your hair type. The colour? You might consider honey blonde, platinum, or green. Experts are unanimous on these as these are the latest post-quarantine hair colour trends. 

Haircare - Turn Heads With Your Crowning Glory

Haircare In Your 30s

In your 30s, you’re looking to establish yourself in a career. If you’re in a more artsy profession, you can get away with funky looks like braids and coloured extensions. These are great ways to add style to your look. But if you’re in a more conservative profession you might opt for ballerina buns or “just off the beach” waves. If your face isn’t particularly round, go for the shag hairstyle or long bob. Or, if you want to go longer, a shoulder-length cut with layers that softly frame your face is equally gorgeous.  These cuts are perfect for working women because they look good air dried, blown dried or even pulled back into a casual ponytail. 

Just remember to spray it on and scrunch your hair to make it look neat and well-kept. At your age, most hair colours would give you a sense of reinvention so try playing with more colours. While you might usually be gearing up for usual hair colours like brown or red auburn, we highly recommend that you try glowy apricot and golden caramel with brighter highlights. Essentially, you can always use more shine!

Haircare - Turn Heads With Your Crowning Glory

Haircare In Your 40s

By your 40s, you’ve probably tried many hairstyles and have come to some understanding about what works with your hair type and lifestyle. Whatever your choice is – whether it’s straight, curly or wavy – it’s likely that these are the locks that you’ll wear for the entire 40s. But, apart from sticking to one hairstyle and hair colour, it’s likely that your grey hair will become more noticeable, and your locks will also become more brittle.   

Nourishing your hair becomes part of your routine to protect your crowning glory and making sure your hair is getting enough of its daily nutrients. From a serum for split ends to touching up your roots, you might need more of these in your 40s than in your 30s. Caring for your hair from root to tip in your 40s inevitably becomes demanding, if not challenging. So, you wouldn’t be alone if your crowning glory has settled for just plain hair. You’re still beautiful and can look flattering in every shade – even grey.

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