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Dedicated to creating a weekly unique experience for you. We are the first woman-exclusive experience club in Singapore.

Sexuality Informs Identity

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We consistently deliver best-in-class, global content that pushes boundaries, changes perspectives, sparks conversations or at the very least, shows you a fabulously good time.

We are a women-focused community with 3 main values

Sharing and Educating

As our first value, we are here to ensure you are able to learn from your new experiences. We have curated these experiences for you with the objective for you to open up, express your needs and explore new things.

Entertainment and Pleasure

Our second core value resides in ensuring you discover new ways to spice up your life. We will provide you with the tools of entertainment and intimate pleasure.

Wellness and Health

Third but not least, we are deeply engaged in educating and providing your best guidance to regain confidence and rediscover your inner self. Through various wellness and health activities and experiences, with ZaZaZu Club, you will achieve peace of mind and body smoothly and holistically.

We believe this community is a common ground for women to participate in supporting each other, in helping other members regain that confidence or spark their might have lost.

We are delighted to have you as an exclusive member and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.


.... the first women-exclusive experience club

At ZaZaZu Club we are dedicated to creating a weekly unique experience for you

Our vision

To normalize intimate pleasure for every woman in daily life in Asia

Our mission

To empower us women to own our pleasure and create a safe space to exchange, learn and explore 360° around sexuality and intimacy.

Our goal

To infuse pleasure into daily life and ease the taboos around sexual wellness for more open-mindedness and acceptance in embracing pleasure in Asia.

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Meet the team

A passionate women-focused team


Having struggled with confidence; it is a calling for Jingjin to help others build confidence from within. As sexuality informs identity, that will build the confidence to empower women to change the world.


The inner child lived as a game producer in Cassandra. Old enough and young enough, she believes Now is the time to gamify & amplify the importance of embracing sexual wellness for holistic living.

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About Jingjin

Jingjin grew up in the 80s in Beijing, China, where girls who stand out were not welcomed; her skin was too dark, her character too vivid, her voice too loud. Growing up buried in blames and finger pointing, she was unable to build her confidence from the childhood. 

Until she decided at 16, to explore the other side of the world, Germany, where individuality is celebrated. It turned from an initial cultural shock to a self-discovery journey to assert herself in the Western culture. She studied Industrial Engineering where only 15% of women dared to touch and made a great corporate career in the male-dominated automotive industry. While she climbed up the corporate ladder, she realized how building confidence in the Western culture has positively impacted her to revamp her life from an “ugly duckling” to a bold leader who challenges status-quo. It became a deep desire and a calling to help other women to build innate confidence.  

With the conviction of building a positive-impact business, she moved to Singapore to pursue INSEAD EMBA in 2018. After an 18-month journey, it was clear she did not want to build a business that scratches the surface of building confidence and finding strength for women; the market is saturated with career advice platforms and meditation workshops to teach women how to get what they want. Instead, she thought, if women are allowed to be comfortable with their sexuality, and build their confidence from within, then there is little need to practice power poses in presentation pitches or harness the power of attraction to tell the universe what you want.

Sexuality informs identity: when you are secure in your identity, that builds innate confidence, and confidence is what empowers women to ask for a salary raise, stop doubting yourself, pursue a male-dominated career and ultimately go out to change the world. 

Business meets Curiosity and Courage: this is how Jingjin and Cassandra met during a global accelerator program Antler. With the common vision to normalize sexual wellness for every woman in daily life, ZaZaZu is born.

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About Cassandra

Were you curious about sex when you were younger? Cassandra was. Imagine the days of the dial-up modem: What can one find out about this topic without friends, teachers, or parents who would be willing to discuss it intellectually? In Singapore? Nothing. It baffles her why such a basic human need is being stigmatized and information is not easily available nor understood, but defiled by obnoxious, loud, and intrusive pornographic sites with questionable, unrealistic scenes.

Life still goes on – from teenage, adulthood, marriage, pregnancy, and soon, menopause. Yet, the curiosity merely alters in form without dwindling as she undergoes many physical changes throughout the various life stages.

Cassandra continues to live with curiosity for many areas in life. It is what makes the mornings worth waking up to. Amidst the curiosity that sizzles within, the curiosity in sexual wellness remains seeded.

“Are you crazy?” is a phrase Cassandra is not afraid to hear. She often takes the off-beaten tracks.

Taking IT during University when popular choices were/are law, medicine, engineering, or business. Leaving consultancy 15 years ago for mobile game development. Walking away from mobile gaming producer roles for a stab at entrepreneurship – in sexual wellness.

“Why now, when there is a lot more to lose when in your 40s?”

Setting new benchmarks by bringing happiness to others regardless of judgement is what Cassandra has been living by during her gaming career. Old enough and young enough, now, is the best time to create happiness in a space no one in Asia is attempting. Just as game development was deemed an “improper job” a decade ago, developers know that is so far away from the truth. So is sexual wellness. 2 sides to a coin, Yin and Yang in every balanced matter. Sexual wellness can enhance one’s overall wellbeing when embraced positively.

Meeting Jingjin in Antler is a godsend to Cassandra as Jingjin re-ignites the buried curiosity within and blazes alight the passion to this (ad)venture together. Curious, Crazy Cassandra – here she comes.

World, embrace sexual wellness, embrace ZaZaZu.

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